President and Prime Minister of the Republic of Latvia were introduced with manufacturing companies and Liepaja Port

On May 20, President of the Republic of Latvia Raimonds Vejonis and Prime Minister Maris Kucinskis visited Liepaja City. During the visit, guests were introduced with “iCotton” Ltd. – one of the newest manufacturing companies in Liepaja and “UPB” Jsc. – one of the most successful export companies not only in Liepaja, but also in Latvia. During the visit, another important topic was development projects of the Port of Liepaja.

Port of Liepaja looks for new cooperation opportunities

On May 19, “German-Latvian Maritime Forum” in Riga was held, where representatives of Liepaja Special Economic Zone Authority and Liepaja Port participated. The aim of the event was to promote cooperation between German and Latvian transport and logistic companies, to discuss in forum main actualities influencing transport sector, as well as to strengthen existing contacts and creating new ones between German and Latvian port companies and transport and logistic companies.

In April, cargo turnover in the Port of Liepaja was 447 554.36 tons

In April 2016, cargo turnover in the Port of Liepaja was stable and equivalent to previous months, which allowed to ensure slight increase in the cargo turnover. Cargo turnover increased by 3.7% if compared to first four months in 2015. In total, in four months in the Port of Liepaja were handled 1 892.1 thous. tons of cargos. Dry bulk cargos are still dominating in the port, ensuring 71% of the total cargo turnover.

New season in the Liepaja Yacht Port has started

Liepaja Yacht Port has welcomed the first yacht in this season – “Cirrus” from Germany, which confirms that the new yachting season has started. At the same time Liepaja Special Economic Zone Authority, Head of Safety, Security and Environmental Protection Department Kaspars Ponemeckis and Manager of Liepaja Yacht Port Karlis Kints recently got back from experience exchange tour, during which several Yacht Ports in Germany were visited. In addition, Blue Flag international jury has decided to grant the Blue Flag for the Liepaja Yacht Port.

New Museum of Interior with help of “DG Termināls” LSEZ Ltd. will receive its first exhibits

Museum of Liepaja has received a donation – 8500.00 EUR – from the owner and director of “DG Termināls” LSEZ Ltd. Aivars Millers. Museum will use this donation to buy several important and valuable exhibits for the new Museum of Interior. Liepaja City Council currently is implementing the project to preserve cultural and historical place – building in 24, Kungu Street, Liepaja, which is also known by name of House of Peter I. Legends say that, when Tsar of Russian Empire – Peter I – arrived in Liepaja in 1697, during the visit he stayed in Madame Hoyer hotel.

Cargo turnover in the Port of Liepaja in the first quarter was 1 444 552.75 tons

In the first quarter of 2016, cargo turnover in the Port of Liepaja was 1 444 552.75 tons, increasing its turnover by 5.8% if compared to the first quarter in 2015. 70% of the total cargo turnover was dry bulk cargos, 23% was general cargos and 7% was liquid cargos. In the first quarter, the number of vessels served - 344 and the number of passengers – 7 609. Guntars Krievins, General Manager of the Liepaja Special Economic Zone points out that, although cargo flow has a stable growth tendency, port companies need to think how to attract new cargos.

Drift short movie was filmed in the Port of Liepaja

Audience was introduced with the short movie “Badass Latvian”, directed by Roberts Vitols. Main role in the movie had Kristaps Bluss – talented Latvian drift racer, who is currently preparing for the new season in “Formula Drift” (USA). Drift elements were used to show a special story in the territory of the Port of Liepaja.

“Baltic Biofuel Company” LSEZ Ltd. expands its warehouses

Liepaja Special Economic Zone commercial company “Baltic Biofuel Company” has started construction of a new warehouse and railway track. It is planned to invest in construction ~1 million euro, with aim to increase transit cargo flow. Warehouse will be put into action on August 1, but construction of the new railway track is planned after some changes in the detailed plan.

“NPK EXPERT” in cooperation with “Ekers Stividors LP” handled the biggest cargo in the category of packaged goods in the history of the Port of Liepaja

Approaches completion of “NPK EXPERT” Ltd. produced production loading into a handymax class vessel “Saga Wind” (length 199.22 m, DW 47 053 tons), which is the biggest cargo in the category of packaged goods in the history of the Port of Liepaja. Planned amount of the cargo is ~21 thous. tons of fertilizers. After full cargo loading in the Berth No. 44, which is leased to “Ekers Stividors LP”, it will be sent to Port of Duala in Cameroon and further to Chad. As Manager of “NPK EXPERT” Girts Celajs pointed out, it is a specific mix of fertilizers, which will be used in cotton cultivation and company ensures about 70% of the necessary amount.

Liepaja Yacht Port and Klaipeda Yacht Club will cooperate

“We are not competitors, but partners, to whom it is important to provide high quality yacht services” – this is the main conclusion from the one-day experience exchange in Klaipeda, participating “Klaipeda Yacht Club” Manager Gedeminas Meskauskas and Liepaja Port Safety Security and Environmental Protection Manager Kaspars Ponemeckis. Already in the nearest future, an agreement about cooperation between both yacht ports will be signed.